Oh, Glorious Painter’s Tape!

We all know that painter’s tape helps keep your paint lines clean and crisp, BUT did you know this little roll of goodness can help you provide visual supports?! Here are some great ideas on how to use painter’s tape to further support your kiddo: 

  • Make a square on the floor to show your child where to put on his/her shoes.
  • Put a “Don’t Cross” line of tape on the ground to help keep kids safe and from wandering.
  • Make an "X" with the tape to indicate where to stand while waiting.
  • Outline a box to show where to place hands while waiting, or where to return toys after your child is done playing with them. 
  • Place a line on your bathroom wall to show how far to pull down the toilet paper before ripping.
  • Add a strip of tape down the table to outline personal space boundaries between your child and others. 

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Melissa Ames
Melissa Ames


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