Creating an Ecosystem of Impact

While our subscription boxes benefit families impacted by developmental disorders, we ALSO focus on providing vocational opportunities to adults with special needs.

We grew up with an aunt with special needs who completely transformed after she found a job that fit her abilities. We saw a glow in her - one of pride, confidence and purpose. This fueled our desire to extend our reach to adults with special needs who severely lack employment opportunities.

A few months after launching, we began work partnerships with St. Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. School for Exceptional Children and LifeStyles Academy. Southwest Cook County Cooperative Transition Program is our newest work partner. Their adults with autism and other disabilities help cut, laminate, velcro and sort our products. We see that same glow in them as we saw in our aunt.

We are proud to help create this ecosystem of impact: we engage adults with special needs to prepare products that benefit children with different abilities and the families who love them.