Keep Them Busy!

Here are some of our favorite ways to keep kids busy while also letting them have fun.

Grab a paintbrush (paint rollers work great, too) and a bucket filled with water. Let your kids paint the fence, deck, side of your home or the sidewalk. The water darkens the color of most materials before it disappears in the summer heat.

Put some toys into a container, fill it with water and freeze. Place your frozen creation outside with some tools (squirt bottles, spoons, toy hammer, cup of salt, bucket of water, etc.) and let your child work at melting and chipping the ice away to get to the toys.

Make a pouring station using a variety of kitchen items, along with a plastic bin, food coloring (optional) and water. Fill a couple containers halfway with colored water and encourage your child to explore making measurements and mixing different colors together.

Buy a package of Solo cups and get ready for your child to have a blast playing with them. These cups are perfect for stacking and constructing different structures. Kids can work independently or     together to build towers, pyramids, forts and more.

Who doesn’t have grand memories of playing in a large cardboard box?! Let’s bring that simplicity back. Ask your neighbors, family and friends for large cardboard boxes. Have one end open so your child can safely exit. Give him/her some crayons, markers and stickers to decorate the inside. Can’t find a large box? No problem, just open and flatten a smaller sized box.

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Melissa Ames
Melissa Ames


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July 22, 2016

I have leftover solo cups from a party that I just gave my 3. Let’s see what they create. I never thought of painting with water. What a great idea and I won’t stress that my little ones will ruin their clothes.

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