DIY Halloween Countdown & More Tips

Halloween can be scary. Not just because of the ghost and witch decorations lurking around every corner, but because children with different abilities can become very sensitive and on edge. Some children need extra time to explore and get ready for Halloween. Other children become so fixated on Halloween that they get upset when it’s time to switch holiday decorations.

A simple DIY countdown can be used to both help prepare a child for Halloween and help a child move on after Halloween is all over. Write the number of days left for celebrating Halloween on Post-it notes and stick them onto a sheet of paper. Tape it up on a wall or post it to the fridge with magnets. In the morning, show your child the number on the Post-it and explain, "4 more days then Halloween is all done." At nighttime, have your child remove, crumble and throw away that number and prepare to continue the count down the following morning.

A lot of children are concrete thinkers and can get worked up from how we phrase things. This Halloween season, remember to stay away from literal phrases, sarcasm, metaphors and idioms. Instead, use concrete language or, at the very least, explain the meaning of the phrase you said. 

For example, instead of saying:

  • “You’re Batman” say “You’re dressed as Batman” 
  • “Time to dress up,” say, “Put on Pete the Cat clothes”
  • “You’re as sweet as candy,” say “You are very nice”

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Melissa Ames
Melissa Ames


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