DIY Sensory Bottles

The calming effect of sensory bottles can do wonders for kiddos who become overstimulated or upset. And the best thing about this calm down tool is that you can use items in the home to make your own!

Start with a clean plastic bottle (thick, wide mouth Gatorade and Voss bottles work great). Place magnetic letters, foam shapes, blocks, ribbon, yarn, rubber bands, marbles, sequins, buttons, glitter and/or beads into the bottle. Fill the bottle with rice, flour, water, dish soap, corn syrup, baby oil, sand, shampoo, conditioner and/or hair gel. Secure the lid tightly to prevent a mess or choking hazard (you can seal it tight with a hot glue gun). And VOILA!

Before you get started, check out these 2 resources to explore different mixture ideas and discover ways to target important skills while using sensory bottles. 


 The folks at Play Ideas provide some great sensory bottle ideas, along with links to the ingredients needed to make them. These will surely keep things interesting and keep your child learning! Read more ...

EarlyVention's Special Education and Autism Expert shares advice on how to target important skills, from math to behavior development, while you and your child play with sensory bottles. Read more ...


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Melissa Ames
Melissa Ames


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January 13, 2017

These are really easy to make! I just made 3 for my ASD son and he loves them. I didn’t have a chance to read the other blogs links until today- wow. I didn’t realize how many different bottles you can create from home. I sent my mom the blog about skills to work on since she watches my son during the day. She loves the ideas and I can’t wait to hear how what they worked on :)

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