How It Works

We design our products around evidence-based approaches that help children with autism and other developmental disabilities better understand, communicate and interact with the people who love them most.

Our subscription activity boxes are delivered directly to your home and
include all you and your child need to have some fun and connect!

Each Full Activity Box contains 6 components:

My Activity Guide
This story guides your child through each activity, using appropriate behavior choices. These choices can help ease anxiety, promote independence and decrease undesirable or inappropriate behaviors.

Interactive Story
Using repetition and picture cards, we tell a simple story designed to give your child the opportunity to predict what comes next. This fosters a sense of confidence and independence and increases participation.

Themed Rhyme
This interactive rhyme complements the monthly theme. You and your child recite the rhyme together using picture cards. This word-play activity prepares your child for reading and helps increase comprehension and memorability.

Creative Craft
This fun art activity can help develop fine motor skills and increase independence. It also helps your child follow simple directions by completing steps in a sequence.

Sensory Exploration
This immersive activity and language board can help your child process sensory information and improve communication while practicing visual-motor and problem-solving skills.

Reward System
This highly motivating toy and customizable reward chart gives your child an incentive to complete each activity. The system utilizes positive reinforcement, encourages active participation and helps with behavior management.